The 13th International Conference on Nitride Semiconductors 2019 will present high-impact scientific and technological advances in materials and devices based on group-III nitride semiconductors, and will feature plenary sessions, parallel topical sessions, poster sessions and an industrial exhibition.

CEA/Leti and UnitySC will present a joint work on gallium nitride growth on 200 mm silicon wafers.

The paper will be presented by Dr Matthew Charles of CEA/LETI during the poster session of the 13th International Conference on Nitride Semiconductors (July 7-12, 2019, Washington).

As part of the collaboration with our partner CEA/LETI, the paper shows UnitySC’s latest progress to control the fabrication chain of GaN on silicon devices. Slipline formation is commonly seen in GaN on silicon growth, which can cause wafer fragility or problems during further processing such as CMP. Sliplines are caused by the application of stress to a wafer above the temperature of plastic deformation.

In order to better understand the mechanisms of formation of sliplines and optimise the fabrication process, UnitySC developed Inspection/Metrology solutions based on Interferometry (NST series) and Phase Shift Deflectometry (LightsEE series) that allow the user to quickly identify and characterize the defect of interest. In turn, the user can use the information to optimize the process and maintain it under high Volume Manufacturing environment.

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