Mohamad, a former research engineer at CEA Grenoble, discovered UnitySC in 2018 through a collaborative project, capturing his heart and leading him to join as a Junior Application Engineer.


Pioneering Role in Metrology

Assigned to showcase Metrology tools at UnitySC’s headquarters near Grenoble, Mohamad pioneered this role, demonstrating technical prowess and effective communication skills. Soon, he embarked on international visits to clients, showcasing complex applications and technologies. A year later, driven by his insatiable curiosity, UnitySC provided Mohamad with the opportunity to expand his knowledge in Inspection series tool—an uncommon role in the semiconductor domain.


Rise to Seniority Amidst FAT Record

In 2020, amidst a record-breaking fastest Field-Acceptance-Test (FAT) on two different products for UnitySC, Mohamad rose to the position of Senior Application Engineer. Swiftly recognizing his potential, the leadership entrusted him with an additional responsibility as Global Support. Mohamad found himself not only elevating the skills of UnitySC’s engineers, developing a new applications for key customers  but also guiding those using the products in clients’ fabrication facilities. As a trainer, his role extended beyond imparting knowledge; it became a conduit for gathering invaluable feedback from users of UnitySC’s inspection and measurement tools in the semiconductor market. This, in turn, fueled Mohamad’s growing passion for innovation. Engaging with users, probing, understanding, and assisting clients became integral to his approach, fostering development and innovation in collaboration with all stakeholders. The culmination of his journey came in 2022 when the Business Unit proposed a pivotal new role for him: Product Life Cycle Manager.


Transition to Product Life Cycle Manager

In this capacity, Mohamad now works closely with Global Product Managers, our R&D engineers who drive UnitySC’s future, and various teams such as Engineering, R&D, Innovation, Sales and the Manufacturing team. His pivotal role revolves around product development and productization, wherein his coordination and leadership skills come to the forefront, turning abstract technologies and innovative ideas into tangible reality.

Mohamad, our PLC Gate Keeper, has evolved from a Junior Engineer to a Manager, acquiring technical expertise and enhancing his soft skills over the years. He now manages & coordinates with all the Program managers ensuring product life cycles and service functionalities. If you would like to join us too, please apply here.


Mohamad’s Words: “UnitySC has allowed me to engage with people from all around the world and evolve in a highly technological sector. Being able to comprehend the semiconductor manufacturing process and alert the largest multinational corporations about their production flaws is truly gratifying. I take pride in the use of tools from a European mid-sized business company for the characterization of processes at customers who are industry giants. Knowing that every day I contribute by improving the future of High Tech brings me happiness. UnitySC provides me with a great deal of flexibility and stability. It’s a rapidly growing company, in which I feel at home, surrounded by beautiful mountains.”