Semi-Automated Optical Inspection Solutions

Optical Mastery Redefined: The Ultimate Inspection, Review, and Metrology Solution with Zeiss Optics Integration

Axiospect is a versatile tool family for automatic and manual optical inspection, review, and metrology.

Its flexibility comprises vacuum and edge grip wafer handling, macro and micro inspection modules as well as metrology options for CD, OVL.

Axiospect is the optimal complement to any optical defect inspection system for its automatic defect review ability based on the industry standard KLARF files. The wide range of available optical imaging techniques make it an ideal tool for in-line defect engineering and review. It seamlessly integrates into wafer fab automation systems and includes Optics by Carl Zeiss.

Axiospect AOI tool on the cleanroom

Exploring Axiospect Key Use-Cases

  • Macro Defect Documentation (DEDO) on-tool recording of classification by operator (without need for paper/note pads)
  • Full 360° Tilt & Wobble Macro visual inspection ability
  • FrontSide and BackSide Microscopy
  • CD & Overlay


Gyroscope rotation/flipping