+40 Years in the Industry


The company Fogale Nanotech was created, which included products serving the Semiconductor Industry


Fogale Nanotech created its Semiconductor Business Unity, dedicated to Metrology tools.


Nanotech Solutions, a subsidiary of Fogale, acquired Altatech from Soitec, a company specialized in wafer defect inspection technology.

Altatech becomes Unity Semiconductor SAS, designed to be the semiconductor business of Fogale Group.

UnitySC is now able to deliver a full suite of process control equipment and software to serve advanced Semiconductor manufacturers.


UnitySC acquired HSEB, a company dedicated to optical inspection, review and metrology for Semiconductor applications.


UnitySC raised EUR 48 million with participation by Jolt Capital, Supernova Invest, and the French State through French Tech Souveraineté (a program operated by BPIfrance).