Since joining in 2021, Audrey has been a Business Manager and quickly applied her skills as an Industrial Engineer. She has achieved incredible performance in management, quality, and Lean Manufacturing in the production of our cutting-edge inspection and metrology tools for microprocessors in the semiconductor market.


The term “Business Manager” or “Chargé d’affaires” in French may seem difficult to interpret, although it is a key position within a company. It is necessary to know how to communicate, negotiate, and above all, organize, as it involves interacting with various departments such as procurement, sales, service, software, and controller. It requires coordinating all manufacturing needs to deliver the machine as quickly as possible, with the right level of quality and at the determined cost.

“It may seem intimidating when you’re not organized, but when you are, it’s fun.”, said Audrey.


Expertise in Lean Manufacturing drives efficiency in Semiconductor Manufacturing

 When Audrey receives a customer order, everything falls into place: technical review, procurement initiation, construction and monitoring of the schedule, delivery planning, and more.

Audrey quickly proved herself, and we entrusted her with the management of the team of technicians specialized in the manufacturing of our most advanced semiconductor inspection machines. Her expertise in Lean Manufacturing has allowed us to reduce the daily briefing time for technicians by 3, resulting in even greater efficiency!


Transforming operations and reducing manufacturing time

Based on her outstanding performance in process improvement, we assigned Audrey the supervision and logistics of the cleanroom, as well as the management of internal and external stocks. She ensures that everything is in order to produce, test, and ship our inspection and metrology tools for measuring various types of wafers: silicon, gallium nitride, indium phosphide, gallium arsenide, silicon-on-insulator, and more.

Beyond her technical brilliance, Audrey’s passion and problem-solving abilities inspire our team. She has implemented numerous methodologies to solve problems and save time in manufacturing. A great example is reducing the time needed for a mechanical setting on one of our inspection machines 1 week to just 2 hours. We applaud her for this achievement!



Audrey testifies: “The dynamic and compact structure of UnitySC empowers me to meticulously analyze and rectify production errors in our small series machines. While my passion lies in optics and electronics, what truly captivates me is the opportunity to engage with every department and actively contribute to enhancing all facets of our company. This holistic approach enables us to consistently elevate production standards and deliver meticulously crafted tools that garner unwavering attention from our valued customers.”