In a world where semiconductor precision is paramount, having reliable and advanced inspection tools is essential.

LightSEE represents the pinnacle of inspection technology, specifically designed to meet the growing demands of the industry. Discover how our platform can transform your semiconductor manufacturing operations.


1. LightSPEED – A Revolution in Unpatterned Inspection

  • High Sensitivity and Throughput: LightSPEED is not just a tool; it’s a guarantee of flawless production. With its ability to detect nanometer level defect sizes at an impressive rate, LightSPEED ensures that every wafer is thoroughly inspected without compromising productivity.
  • Unmatched Flexibility: Whether you’re working with 3-to-12-inch wafers, LightSPEED adapts. Its versatility makes it the ideal tool for a variety of semiconductor materials, including SiC, GaN, and many others.
  • Optimal Performance for Transparent Wafers: LightSPEED excels particularly with transparent wafers, such as glass carriers, effortlessly distinguishing front from back. Its haze performance is best-in-class, ensuring unprecedented clarity.


2. PSD – Sensitivity and Complementarity

  • Top Z-height Sensitivity: PSD, with its exceptional sensitivity, is crucial for inspecting a range of low topography This tool is your best ally for identifying delaminations and other subtle imperfections, including replacing/complementing CSAM for detection of buried voids in Die2Wafer stacks.
  • Perfect Complement to LightSPEED: Together on a cluster platform, PSD perfectly complements LightSPEED, providing detailed and thorough inspection where needed.


3. Edge Inspection with Unmatched Sensitivity

  • Edge Inspection Module: The Edge tool uses patented confocal chromatic imaging for meticulous inspection of your wafer edges. Its high sensitivity and significant depth of field make it ideal for inspecting warped wafers, ensuring uncompromised edge integrity.
  • Five Spatial Zones Analyzed: With Edge, every section of your wafer’s edge is scrutinized with the utmost precision, ensuring that nothing is overlooked.


At UnitySC, we understand that excellence in the semiconductor industry begins with quality inspection. Our tools don’t just meet standards; they redefine them. Why settle for less when you can have the best?

Are you ready to enhance your inspection processes and ensure the quality of your semiconductors?

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