Meet Sabri, a highly accomplished professional working at UnitySC, a leading company in the semiconductor industry. Sabri joined UnitySC in 2015 as a Customer Operation Engineer, and over the years, he has had numerous development opportunities and he grew up in the customer operation, project, and product management departments.


UnitySC’s unique culture is what sets it apart from other companies

Sabri is deeply passionate about working for a company that is anticipating the future of technology in the semiconductor market. He takes great pride in being part of a team that is driving innovation and advancing the field of semiconductor manufacturing. He values UnitySC’s culture of trust and collaboration, which has created a supportive environment for him to grow and learn thanks to UnitySC.


Empowering Customers and Driving Growth

Starting as a Customer Operation Engineer, Sabri gained valuable experience working with customers from all over the world, installing and supporting UnitySC’s products.

By moving to Singapore and focusing on metrology and inspection equipment in 2018, Sabri demonstrated his willingness to take on new challenges and expand his knowledge base. His management skills were also put to the test as he took on the responsibility of managing a team of technicians and engineers.

His ability to work closely with customers and understand their needs and expectations helped him to define a sales strategy that met customer requirements and contributed to the company’s profitability. In 2020, he is now in charge of the success of UnitySC’s TMAP metrology product family as Regional Project Manager.

2 years later, Sabri’s new role involves advising management on product decisions based on quantitative insights and market intelligence from around the world. As Global Product Manager, he is also responsible for defining the product feature roadmap every year, ensuring that UnitySC stays ahead of the competition and continues to be profitable for its customers.

“UnitySC has provided me with countless opportunities to learn, grow and thrive in the industry. I am proud to be part of a team that is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in semiconductor manufacturing. My career at UnitySC has been a testament to the company’s culture of trust, collaboration, and continuous learning, which has enabled me to realize my full potential”, said Sabri.

Despite his work schedule, Sabri still finds time to pursue his personal interests. He loves running and participates in national competition races.

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