GreenTropism and UnitySC sign MoU to collaborate tackling Molecular contamination identification on Advance Packaging issues using advanced sensing and artificial intelligence

Taiwan, September 17, 2019 – GreenTropism a leading French startup on artificial intelligence for spectral analysis and UnitySC, a leader in inspection and metrology solutions for advanced semiconductor packaging, announce today a collaboration effort of three years to enable advanced capabilities on spectral analysis for molecular organic measurement on UnitySC systems.

Organic molecularcontamination impact from polysiloxanes, photoresists residues or even silicones, is well known as it is their contributions to issues related with delamination and contamination of various material interface.  Its impact is ubiquitous in the semiconductor industry specially at copper interconnects level. Spite of this their identification and detection are a not-easy problem related not only to sensitivity but as well as resolution and Data analysis.

In this context, advanced sensing work at UnitySC over the last years has opened the opportunity to tackle this important issue related to organic contamination measurements, as well as its identification in the process flow.  Despite the fact that several technologies are available, they are hampering with sensibility, resolution, but also with data analysis problems associated with the big data nature of spectral data. It is where all the expertise on spectral analysis and work performed in different application from GreenTropism, demonstrating the key contribution of new artificial intelligence approaches comes into play. The joint effort will take advantage of both companies’ strengths.

The new functionality will allow tackling issue on the advanced packaging flow for the different application mentioned above. The expected plans are to be able to deliver the customer solution in the coming months and having the possibility to start making demonstration on customer wafer by early Q1 2020.

About Unity SC

UnitySC, the only French company in Semi equipment for Metrology and inspection, Leader in Europe, Leading the Power and advance packaging Market headquartered in Montbonnot near Grenoble. Unity SC tools combine advanced technologies in automated optical inspection and 3D imaging with microscopy, temporal-mode interferometry, and spectrometry, which enables customers to deliver higher yields and faster time to market solutions to our customers. They are supplying all the largest tier one player in the semiconductor industry. We are extended the footprint to service its customers regionally and locally: Europe, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, USA and China.

About GreenTropism

GreenTropism is a young innovative French company specializing in software components for spectral data analysis and management, including databases, Artificial Intelligence algorithms and HMI. Its expertise covers extended spectral range (UV, VIS, NIR, MIR, RAMAN, LIBS,…) and technologies such as spot analysis and multi/hyperspectral imagers. The company works in the markets of embedded technologies (Iot, telecom, household appliances, etc.), agri-food, chemistry, environment, energy (Industry 4.0 topic). It is based on partnerships with research institutes such as:  IRSTEA (Institut National de Recherche en Sciences et Technologies pour l’Environnement et l’Agriculture) as well as a team of biologists and data scientists specializing in bio-informatics, predictive analysis, genetic algorithms and learning algorithms. The company is supported by well know group of investors and work with international groups.