During the 52th IMAPS conference held in Boston from the 30th of September until the 3rd of October, Unity Semiconductor will present a paper entitled :

How to secure the fabrication of Gallium Nitride on Si wafers

You can already read below an abstract of what we will be treated during this conference.

Authors: D. Alliata, N. Anderson, M. Durand de Gevigney, I. Bergoend, P. Gastaldo

Content: GaN substrates are very fragile because they are thin and very sensitive to production conditions. Wrong level of doping or non-proper process temperature can generate slip-lines that are almost nonvisible with traditional optical inspection methods, while they can deteriorate the reliability of the device. Chips and cracks at wafer edge can also occurs with tremendous effects on the wafer integrity.

To secure the fabrication, we developed Soft Handling solution using only gravity or Bernoulli handling all along the inspection process. Since wide type of defects are existing on GaN substrates, we combine different technologies on the same inspection tool to detect all killer defects on frontside, backside and even edge of the wafer.

Dario Alliata (Director of Business Unit) will show the most recent developments to control the manufacturing process of GaN devices for power applications. Together with Neal Anderson (UnitySC Sales Director for America), he is available to meet and discuss your specific requirement at the UnitySC booth in the exhibition area on October 1-2.

About IMAPS :

The 52nd International Symposium on Microelectronics is being organized by the International Microelectronics Assembly and Packaging Society (IMAPS). The IMAPS 2019 Technical Committee seeks original papers that present progress on technologies throughout the entire microelectronics/packaging supply chain.

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