The LIGHTSpEED is the first unpatterned surface inspection solution that combines darkfield inspection and advanced synchronous doppler detection technology to capture nanometer scale defects on all kind of wafers.

Grenoble, France – Tuesday, July 9th, 2019UnitySC, a leader in advanced inspection and metrology solutions, announced the release of the LIGHTSpEED inspection system for the semiconductor industry. Thanks to the novel SDDTM technology, based on frequency domain signal analysis, the LIGHTSpEED provides a fast, reliable and highly sensitive solution to applications requiring accurate defect detection on non-patterned substrates. Compared to standard Darkfield solutions, the SDDTM approach gives more signal information that enhance defect characterisation and sensitivity. It is able to discriminate pits from particles and provides Defect Classification that enables rapid process tool failure detection and achieve faster development ramp up and maintain yield in manufacturing phase.

The Haze resolution and sensitivity is the best on the market so the LIGHTSpEED is the tool of choice for wafer surface quality control. As such, it can qualify surface roughness, film non-uniformity and even prime wafer polishing quality. Previous successes include Arsenide/Gallium ally non-uniformity characterisation, quartz boat signatures on metallic films, stress-induced slip-lines…

Thanks to the SDD™ technology, the LIGHTSpEED is capable of truly discriminating defects located on the front side from the ones on the backside, which makes it the right solution for inspecting transparent substrates such as Sapphire or glass. This technology has also been used to capture defects at the interface of silicon wafers bonded on a glass carrier, allowing for post-bonding inspection.

An internal autofocus and multi-size handling capability give the possibility to inspect all kind of wafers with multi-size and multi-thickness capability.

The LIGHTSpEED has been designed to reach best in class maintainability and Return on Investments with improved access to optics and high lifetime components including a laser with more than 10 years of lifetime.

As a part of the modular LIGHTsEE series from UnitySC the LIGHTSpEED can be used as a stand-alone tool or as part of a cluster in combination with other UnitySC technologies such as Phase Shift Deflectometry or brightfield confocal chromatic 2D inspection.


High resolution Haze mapping &High sensitivity particle detection


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