Romain brings a wealth of knowledge to UnitySC, with an educational background in System Integration Engineering, essential skills in computer science, and a specialization in Image and Signal Processing. Since joining UnitySC in 2012, Romain has leveraged his extensive experience in algorithm development and image and signal processing (C++) to propel the company forward. His previous experience includes working on critical and strategic projects on military vehicles, highway compactor machines, highway constructors, and in the semiconductor and microelectronics sectors, focusing on Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) for PCB Board and MEMS component testing.


Initial Impact and Collaborative Projects

As a Software Engineer, Romain initially worked at Altatech, which became UnitySC in 2016. He quickly appreciated the collaborative work environment, allowing for seamless interaction across different departments on technically demanding projects. His early projects involved developing Software solutions for a new Inspection Nanotopography module and a viewer application for monitoring results within UnitySC’s Metrology & Defect-Inspection system, the PSD. He later played a crucial role in improving and enriching Automatic Defect Classification (ADC) software, which classifies defects.


Driving UnitySC Forward with LightSpeed Development

UnitySC recognized Romain’s talent and entrusted him with a significant project to develop first prototypes and then first industrial software suite of the LightSpeed, a Defect Inspector solution. This initiative dramatically reduced wafer inspection times by 20x. Romain appreciated the opportunity to play a cross-functional role, from initial discussions with R&D and Application Engineers to collaboration with the operations team for implementation and qualification.


From Technical Expert to Project Management Maestro

Following this success, Romain became a go-to for leading technical projects. In 2022, he took charge of a new metrology tool development project, stepping into the roles of Technical Project Manager and Senior Software Engineer. He oversees internal tools to ensure an efficient and practical work environment, including software development management and the USP platform for Continuous Integration.


Promoting a Positive Work Environment and Employee Well-being

Beyond his software engineering and project management expertise, Romain was elected as one of the first employee representatives in 2019, a role he was re-elected to in 2024. He is passionate about maintaining a positive and efficient work atmosphere, stating:

“I like that the work environment has a good atmosphere, that it’s light and efficient, and I wanted to be a guarantor of that. I like to be attentive to people’s well-being. And it’s thanks to UnitySC’s corporate culture that we manage to have this emulsion, thanks to this ease of cross-communication and notably with the members of the management. UnitySC has also allowed me to discover a great openness with people who are culturally (European, Indian, Taiwanese, Chinese, American…) or socially (PhD, Engineer, Technician, Operator…) very different from each other and to be able to enrich myself and learn from them. Our creativity is not compartmentalized. I really appreciate working at UnitySC with this extra-professional framework we have also created, seeing colleagues outside of work, it motivates and makes you want to stay and invest in your company.”

Romain’s journey at UnitySC highlights the company’s commitment to innovation, technical excellence, and a supportive work culture. His contributions to software engineering and project management have been instrumental in advancing UnitySC’s position in the semiconductor industry and microelectronics sector.