From Chemical Engineering Technician to Product System Engineer: Discover Enguerrand’s journey

From Consultant to Key Employee: Enguerrand’s Ascension

Initially a Chemical Engineering Technician, Enguerrand has become the Product System Engineer for UnitySC’s inspection tools. With a background in drafting for the creation of manufacturing/implementation plans for different types of products and materials, Enguerrand undertook a 2-month assignment at UnitySC in 2020 as a technical document writer consultant. Quickly, Enguerrand demonstrated his potential to learn, understand, and evolve within his role, leading to his permanent employment to meet the company’s growing needs.

Curiosity as a Driving Force: Enguerrand, the Cleanroom Camper

Over the years, Enguerrand continued to cultivate his curiosity and desire to learn more about the design, development, and use of inspection machines. He was nicknamed “the cleanroom camper” because of his eagerness to listen to explanations, demonstrations, and trials. Enguerrand proposed a schedule to facilitate the assembly of machines in the cleanroom, which was accepted, valued, and deployed to other tools. UnitySC quickly recognized Enguerrand’s potential and offered him the opportunity to further explore his curiosity and become more involved in machine handling.

From Technician to Engineer: Enguerrand and the Evolution of His Role

In 2023, UnitySC offered Enguerrand a brand-new position: Product System Engineer for inspection tools. He is now responsible for maintaining and ensuring the operation of demo and innovation machines in the cleanroom and sometimes even trains internal teams on machine usage as well as software and hardware aspects. Enguerrand is also involved in innovation projects to conduct acquisitions, tests, and relay results to teams, such as working on improving machine calibration to offer our customers even better image quality and sensitivity. He also works on the alignment between two machines, Machine to machine. He identifies technical problems and proposes solutions, successfully.

From Interdepartmental Liaison to Global Technical Support: Enguerrand at the Heart of the UnitySC Ecosystem

Naturally, Enguerrand acquires extensive knowledge about inspection tools and becomes the liaison between departments: innovation, engineering, application, service… Enguerrand is additionally bestowed the role of Global Technical Support: when a colleague on a client site struggles to resolve a technical issue, Enguerrand provides input to assist or finds an internal solution. He even participates in customer demonstrations.

Enguerrand’s words: “I am very happy to have had the opportunity for such an interesting and versatile position. UnitySC has revealed my potential and allowed me to exploit my desire to understand and analyze assembly to calibration machines to R&D, and I am proud to be one of the most knowledgeable to date to pinpoint areas for improvement in our machines. But above all, the good atmosphere among colleagues and having a management team that listens, is open to suggestions, appreciative, and rewarding, is very valuable.”

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