Montbonnot-Saint-Martin, the 12th of September 2019.

Unity SC is deploying rapidly the strategic execution plan to differentiate in the market, and adapting its resources globally to address the fast growth. At the same time, the company is satisfying its customers and partners by being close and local, to provide them the full service around the clock.

UnitySC, is opening officially a new office if Dresden, Germany, by September the 23th 2019.

This office allows UnitySC employees to work on enhanced environment adapted to the current and future needs.

UnitySC continues to hire the most talented people in the industry to support and assist its customers locally all over the globe.

The Dresden site is taking part of a worldwide customer dedicated organisation such as Taiwan, Singapore, China, Korea, US and France.


Dresden Office contact information :

Mail : sales-europe@unity-sc.com

 Address : Königsbrücker Straße 76, 01099 Dresden


About Unity SC

UnitySC, headquartered in Montbonnot, France, is recognised worldwide as a key player in inspection and metrology, combining advanced technologies in automated optical inspection and 3D imaging with high depth of focus line scanning, temporal-mode interferometry, spectrometry and phase shift analysis. This enables customers to deliver higher yields and achieve faster time to market. We provide standard and customised solutions adapted to specific industrial needs and constraints, enabling a new era in process control. Learn more at unity-sc.com.

Press contact
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